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"Our new favorite food truck."
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Meet Chef John

Chef John

Chef John McGinnis has spent his entire working life in the service industry. From concession stands as a child to fine dining as an adult, and everywhere in between, he certainly knows his way around a kitchen. Throughout the years, John discovered that his biggest passions lie in sandwiches and comfort food. He loves cooking for family and friends, and his sandwiches are named after special people in his life who have spent years inspiring and trying his creations.

John McGinnis and his wife, Katie, met each other while working at a local restaurant and share a love of food - always trying new local offerings in the ever-expanding Columbus restaurant scene. Katie is a kindergarten teacher at a local school, but you can find her working on the truck in the summer months. McGinnis' Grill can be found hopping around Columbus throughout the week, so stop by and meet the family!

With a focus on quality ingredients and service, McGinnis' Grill sets a new bar for your tastebuds. The menu combines unique flavors with classic standards, offering fresh yet familiar fare that everyone will enjoy. Their love of delicious food and passion for community service is palpable, and it shines through their efforts. McGinnis' Grill is more than just a food truck - it's a family experience. Come be a part of it!

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